Meet Dragon

Dragon Witchfyre is a teacher, shamanic witch, bard, tarot reader, magickal gardener, opinionated wild woman, and outdoor enthusiast. She is a High Priestess and Ordained Minister in the Temple of Witchcraft tradition and a devotee to the Earth Mother, Gaia. Her path, which weaves together old-world craft and modern-day living, is greatly influenced by the cycles of Nature, the teachings of modern witchcraft, and the veneration of her African ancestors.

Dragon serves as the Lead Minister of Taurus Ministry and Deputy Minister of Capricorn Ministry within the Temple of Witchcraft. Her love of science and education, combined with her passion for social justice, has defined her ministry and her style of teaching. She is often called to minister to those who go unheard or unseen – animals, plants, and incarcerated Pagans to name a few. At the core of Dragon’s work is her desire to push people beyond the illusion of separateness and into oneness with the Universe.

Dragon maintains a growing schedule of workshops and rituals. She is also available for personal tarot readings and to conduct rites of passage. If you would like to work with Dragon, please see the services page for more details.


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